Etna is Equipped for Business

Etna has the strategic location and abundant transportation options you and your customers are looking for.

Etna is directly connected to two major highways:
  • Route 8 According to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation traffic counts, over 30,000 vehicles travel on Route 8 each day. Heading south, it connects us with the City of Pittsburgh (in about 4 minutes) and heading North, Route 8 connects us with Butler (in about 45 minutes).
  • Route 28 Over 50,000 vehicles travel on Route 28 each day.  Route 28 connects us with our neighboring riverfront communities of Millvale and Sharpsburg.  It also connects us with other major highways such as the PA Turnpike, Route 76 (in about 15 minutes) and Route 279 (in about 7 minutes).
Multiple railroads operate in Etna.  Click to learn more:
Etna is 22.5 miles away from Pittsburgh International Airport, about a 26 minute drive.
Etna borders the Allegheny River.  We are currently in the process of developing our riverfront into a park that will contain green space and entertainment space.  In the next phase of the project, boat access will be added.  You can learn more about our riverfront park project here.
Etna has the high-capacity utilities to power your business.